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Eden Sher and the Lost Retainer

Jun 01 2015

Fans of the primetime TV show The Middle were delighted to see…

The Top 5 Things to Know About Orthodontic Retainers

May 06 2014

Whether they come as removable devices or wires permanently attached behind the…

Fixing that Gap in your Teeth

Apr 24 2014

We all know Madonna, Seal, David Letterman, Anna Paquin and Michael Strahan…

Actress Katherine Heigl Straightened Her Smile with Invisalign Clear Aligners

Dec 30 2013

Many adults these days are opting for clear aligners to correct orthodontic…

Advances in Clear Aligners Make Them a Viable Choice for More Teens

Oct 28 2013

Metal braces for correcting teeth alignment have long been a fixture of…

5 Reasons to Consider Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Jun 14 2013

You’ve probably heard of the relatively new method of straightening teeth with…

Teeth Straightening: It’s Not Just For Kids

Sep 13 2012

You didn’t have your teeth straightened as a child. Is it too…

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