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3 Reasons for Blood Pressure Checks During Dental Visits

Sep 01 2018

You may have been surprised by a new addition to your regular…

Get Your Vitamins the Natural Way for Optimum Dental Health

Jul 23 2018

Along with daily oral hygiene and regular dental visits, a balanced and…

Eating Disorders May Contribute to Damaged Teeth and Gums

Jun 23 2018

While most dental problems are caused by disease or trauma, sometimes the…

New Year’s Resolutions for Better Oral Health

Dec 22 2017

Laying out goals for the New Year is a great way to…

5 Tips to Keeping a Healthy Mouth During Your College Years

Nov 30 2017

Many recent high school graduates will soon begin their first year in…

Take Proactive Steps to Protect Your Oral Health During Cancer Treatment

Sep 30 2017

Cancer treatment can consume all of your focus to the exclusion of…

Not All Bacteria are Harmful to Oral Health

Jun 09 2017

Most people associate bacteria with disease and ill health. But the real…

Gum Disease Could Affect More than Your Teeth and Gums

May 10 2017

If you have periodontal (gum) disease, it’s important for you to know…

Tips on Encouraging Healthy Snacking While Your Child’s at School

Apr 10 2017

Good nutrition is essential for your child’s developing teeth and gums as…

Gluten Sensitivity can Lead to Dental Problems

Mar 18 2017

There’s been a growing awareness about the effects of gluten, a protein…

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