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A Different Kind of “Chip Shot” for Pro Golfer Danielle Kang

May 29 2019

While the sport of golf may not look too dangerous from the…

Bobby Bones Dances His Way to Dental Damage

Mar 10 2019

The long-running hit show Dancing with the Stars has had its share…

Dental Injury Is Just a Temporary Setback for Basketball Star Kevin Love

Jul 13 2018

The March 27th game started off pretty well for NBA star Kevin…

2.6 Million Fans ‘Like’ Justin Bieber’s Chipped Tooth

Aug 16 2017

Is a chipped tooth big news? It is if you’re Justin Bieber.…

(Don’t) Break It Like Beckham

Apr 25 2017

During his former career as a professional footballer (that’s a soccer star…

Take a Lesson From Hockey Player Mike Bossy

Oct 18 2013

It might seem that adults who play aggressive, high-contact professional sports (ice…

Treating Chipped Teeth: A Common Sports Injury Among Kids

Aug 21 2013

One went over the handlebars of his mountain bike. Another got an…

Football Star Jerry Rice Discusses Dental Injuries

Nov 26 2012

Athletic activity can boost your health, but many sports also carry some…

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