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When a tooth has a problem that is internal rather that external, or runs deep inside the tooth, a root canal is generally needed to address the problem. While this therapy has gotten a bad rap over the years, it is highly effective, and when done correctly, is not painful.

About Root Canals
The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) estimates that American dentists perform approximately 15 million root canals every year. The vast majority of patients who receive this therapy are happy with it, as the pain necessitating the treatment is worth whatever is needed to address it. However, we do not think pain is necessary. We have the right methods to fully numb the patient so that the procedure is not unpleasant.

Root Canal Benefits

  • The elimination of pain
  • The root is protected from future damage
  • The crown is often more attractive than the natural tooth was
  • It prevents infection from spreading
  • The tooth itself, while changed, remains in place

The Root Canal Procedure
A proper root canal can take several hours to complete. In some cases, we will break treatment up over several days to make it easier on the patient. During the procedure, the patient is fully numbed and specialized tools are used to access and remove the diseased tissue. Once the tissue is removed, the tooth is disinfected and a filling and crown are used to restore function.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, a root canal may be required. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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